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Julia Asher



Julia Asher is an interdisciplinary performing artist based in New York City. Julia spent the past four years in Baltimore, Maryland as part of the inaugural class of dancers at the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and her Bachelor of Arts in Natural Sciences with a concentration in Mathematics and Neuroscience. During her time at Peabody, Julia performed works by Kyle Abraham, Sidra Bell, Yin-Yue, Marjani Forte-Saunders, and Christian Denice in addition to many more. Upon graduation, Julia relocated to New York City to join Abarukas under the direction of Yoshito Sakuraba. Julia is incredibly excited to be joining One Day Dance as she continues to cultivate her movement practice. Julia utilizes her background in neuroscience and psychology to inform her practice of dance as a safe space to encourage all forms of expression. Through her work, Julia aims to use dance and multi-media methods as a medium to illuminate unseen and unheard elements of our surrounding environments while challenging preconceived notions of human identity.

Photo by Joseph Heitman

Work Samples

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