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2023 Featured Artists include:
Emmy Wildermuth

Rachael Lieblein-Jurbala, Arthur Sicilia, Isaac Reed Betters, DaiAwen, and Maya June Dwyer

Rachel DeForrest Repinz

Mikaela Mallin, Rush Johnston, and Nathan Yueh

Seyong Kim

Darwin Black

Shuning Huang and Yingluo Dai

Megan Curet

Song Ravinan

Sara Pizzi and Aika Takeshima of sarAika Movement Collective

Joaquin Bear and Lucia Flexer-Marshall of Soap Impressions and Sasha Marlan-Librett

Danna Creager

ODDFEST is our annual dance film festival. Through this initiative, we create a platform for 12 choreographers to showcase their work on film. 

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