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NewBrese Dance Project

Season 5 Choreographer

NewBrese Dance Project is a physical contemporary dance company led by artistic directors Rachel Calabrese and Sawyer Newsome. Their work explores the ideas of character development and narrative as a means to showcase the complexity of interpersonal relationships. They love investigating the physicality of movement and how its momentum can be the driving force behind each impulse. This leads them in finding new ways they can come into partner work and floorwork. Both are at the forefront of their movement practice, seeing how they can move through the two in both high intensity states and flow states. The company has presented work since 2020 throughout New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Wisconsin, and Utah. Additionally, the company was adjudicated in 2021 as emerging choreographers for Eisenhower Dance Detroit's NewDANCEfest festival and again in 2022 for Water Street Dance Companies summer dance festival.

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