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Mackenzie Strom

Former Company Member

Mackenzie Strom came to New York City over three years ago from southeast Michigan. After 15 years dance training and studying around the country, Mackenzie attended Grand Valley State University graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and Dance. She had the opportunity to work with renowned choreographers such as Mike Esperanza, Lara Tinari, Bryn Cohn, and Amy O’Neal, as well as having her choreography chosen to be performed at the American College Dance Association Nationals in Washington D.C. before graduating in 2016. Upon her arrival to NYC she not only pursued her appetite for dance through teaching and performing but she was given the opportunity to also work in her other field of study as a personal trainer and assistant manager at a gym in Queens. Mackenzie has presented for several free-lance choreographers all over NYC, performing at places such as the PeriDance Gala, City Center, and Governors Island for the Color Festival! This is Mackenzie’s second season performing with ODD after a busy and successful first season with the company. She loves collaborating with her fellow artists and looks forward to continuing to create new movement both with the company and exploring choreographic opportunities on her own!

Photo By Allison Armfield

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