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Joe Monteleone

Season 2 Choreographer

Joe Monteleone, the “Andy Warhol of modern dance” (The Moving Beauty Series) is “A one-man-band soloist and choreographer who mixes his own music, video art, records monologues, and controls his own lighting - the rare control freak who can do it all and come out with a dazzlingly realized project” (Huffington Post). His multimedia solo work and company (Monteleone Dance) have been presented at over 45 venues throughout New York City, nationally and internationally to great acclaim, listed in the Huffington Post’s “Best Dance Performances of 2017”. Joe is at the forefront of movement invention with his “Extraordinary . . . motion-filled movement variety” (Critical Dance), a fully original movement vocabulary titled “New Axiom”. “Far and away the most moving and meticulous dancer” (Phoenix New Times), Joe combines a “masterful use of technology” with “exceptional dance and choreographic skills” (The Dance Enthusiast) to create philosophically driven multimedia dance theatre.

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