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Gable Couch

Season 4 Choreographer

Gable is a recent graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Dance Performance. She received the 2022 Outstanding Choreographer award from for her senior capstone ‘LE MONOCLE.’ Her most recent work ‘inhale to exist’ was revered at the 2022 American College Dance Association Conference formal showcase, and turned into a film which was presented at the 2022 Oklahoma Contemporary Dance Festival. Gable’s most recent performance credits include ‘Daydreamers’ with BARE Dance Company at the Gibney Theatre in New York, ‘LoveLockDown’ with Mike Esperanza at the 2022 American College Dance Association Conference, soloist in ‘Bender’ by Geroge Staib with Kaleidoscope Dance Company, and Broadway Tonight with 10HL. Gable’s aspiration is to explore what binds us together as human beings by diving into collective emotions and experiences that resonate universally. Through performing and creating, she strives to promote equity, inclusion, and empathy to bring people together through movement.

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