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One Day Dance


One Day Dance is a New York City based dance production company that operates within three core objectives.


  • To attract and entertain a worldwide audience through online dance films. All created in 24 hours.

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Our Latest Work

  • To educate, inspire and prepare future professional dancers to thrive as artists in the 21st Century.


  • To provide high-quality dance films, photography, graphic design, advertisements and web design for professional dance companies and institutions.


These objectives are carried out within connected initiatives. Our dance company performs fresh choreography both online on film and in person on stage. Those same company members hold workshops and intensives locally and across the country. Guided by Artistic Director Joseph Heitman, One Day Dance also offers comprehensive media and film services to dancers, dance companies and other dance related institutions. Through these initiatives, One Day Dance aims to transform the landscape of the dance scene by making it more accessible to all.

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