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Season Three

S3:E1 Adventures in Success

Adventures in Success is a screendance short featuring two dancers and takes inspiration from Will Powers’ song, Adventures in Success. The film pokes fun at “shallow” modes of self-realization while using physical comedy to transform the protagonist from a clumsy, self-conscious person to success. This work is part of ongoing research into the lighter side of movement, exploring comedic elements without ditching rigor and important social commentary.

Choreographed by Charly Santagado

Episode 1

S3:E2 Endless Preface

Endless Preface is a peak into the life of tow beings living in close quarters, perhaps two house cats.


Choreographed by Meagan Ahern

Episode 2
Episode 3

S3:E3 Ringer

"Ringer" is an exploration of duality, alternate 
personas, and fractured realities.


Choreographed by Kristen Klein

Episode 4


BACKSEAT is a play on the scale of movement and speed. Starting with gesture work, the dancers are challenged to move one gesture per beat and see how it informs their partner's choreography. This continues to grow into full-bodied movement until the dancers are in a frenzy that saturates the space. The structure of the work is mechanical, almost like an engine, and the dancer's determination and energy drives the piece forward.

Choreographed by Jordan Ryder

Episode 5

S3:E5 Obsolete Deity

Obsolete Deity explores the integration of advanced AI into our society and the complications that may arise. AI is a rising concern among many experts and leaders around the world. Artistic Director Joseph Heitman explores these concerns in his retro-futuristic film. 

Choreographed by Joseph Heitman

Episode 6

S3:E6 A Moving Topography

Inspired by the photography of Rose-Lynn Fischer, A Moving Topography explores the ideas of movement mapping and constructing and deconstructing form to create visual texture within film. 


Choreographed by Cecly Placenti

Episode 7

S3:E7 Housekeeping in a Dream

An experience of sensuality and urgency, Housekeeping in a Dream scores itself into a childish, yet hesitant game of confrontation. 


Choreographed by Lavy

Episode 8

S3:E8 P-A-R-T-Y-!

P-A-R-T-Y-! is a video collage that explores the many tableau’s of the kind of night that glows like neon. The editing was crafted to feel like a visual celebration of the music “Party Quest” by Phong Tran.


Choreographed by Angie Moon Conte

Season 4 Coming Fall 2023

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