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Season Two

S2:E1 Side And Side

Once upon a time, On a Monday Afternoon in Bushwick:


Side by side, sidelong schoolmates sally south and see a set of sisters, a squash-spawning seat-stealer, and a stranger slinging citrus slices. Splat, splash, slurp.

Choreographed by Mari Meade

Episode 1

S2:E2 Room 1-44

Room 1-44 brings former memories to life in confined spaces. Often forgotten behind in past friendships, lovers, and acquaintances, we excavate and revisit the ghosts within ourselves as we return to the place where the first memory was made.

Movement Direction by Peter Cheng in collaboration with Sarah Gottfried

Episode 2

S2:E3 Spell Decay

Episode 3

The degeneration, mutation, weakening, or corruption of residual magical charge from an originally successful ritual.

Choreography by Joe Monteleone

The struggle to balance a desire to succeed in both business and relationships against an overwhelming desire for solitude.

Choreography by Cameron McKinney

S2:E4 Hitoribocchi

Episode 4

S2:E5 Femme Phantasy

Where the feminine creation of imaginative faculty momentarily becomes reality.

Choreography by Alexis Robbins

Episode 5

S2:E6 Wait

Learning to live within moments of stillness and uncertainty. In a world concerned with efficiency, is the time we spend waiting - for the bus, for an answer, for a person - wasted?

Choreography by Kelly Ireland

Episode 6
Episode 7

S2:E7 The Counter

The Counter invites viewers to peek inside a negotiation between two people. The tension and means of communication between the dancer's changes as their surroundings and the viewer’s point of view changes, asking the audience to see new connections between intimacy and isolation when pushed to its spatial extremes of interior and exterior.

Choreography by Corinne Shearer

S2:E8 3 AM

3 AM highlights on the late-night tossing and turning from memories of past lovers.

Choreography by Kelly Todd

Episode 8

S2:E9 90 Something

Feelings of nostalgia are conjured through depictions of childhood memories. Finger traps, card games, double bubble, first dates and the like bring the cast of One Day Dance back to their early youth.

Choreography by Joseph Heitman

Episode 9
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