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Season One

S1:E1 Approximate Alias

In "Approximate Alias", we look at the relationship between three dancers. Their similarities, differences and how they rely on each other. The world beyond these dancers feels cold and unapproachable while we take a close up look at the human form in this short film.

Episode 1

S1:E2 Tripwire

Episode 2

One Day Dance looks at the inner workings of domestic abuse and Stockholm syndrome. In three sections we see the repeating cycles that a victim may find themselves in. Feelings of angst and rage meet apathy and resignation in "Tripwire".

S1:E3 First Encounter

Episode 3

The season takes a more light-hearted turn as we imagine the dating scene prior to the introduction of modern technology. We look into the minds of each participant as they get to know each other. 


Episode 4

Playing with form, angles, and timing "No Evil" plays with the idea of cognitive dissonance and our unique ability to disregard reason when it conflicts with our beliefs.

S1:E5 American't

Episode 5

In "American't" we look at some major issues currently plaguing the United States. This solo set on Dana is provocative and may challenge viewers to rethink their view of America, the country that is supposedly perfect. 

Episode 6

S1:E6 Blossom

One Day Dance Celebrates Earth Day 2018 with this light-hearted video reminding us to enjoy the world around us. Although technology is fantastic and helps us achieve great things for us all, we should remember that Earth is our one true home.

S1:E7 Isolation

Have you ever felt alone in a crowded room? Isolation examines how it feels to realize that you are the only person that is looking out for you. Do you reach out to others to distract yourself or embrace the emotion and discover more about yourself?

Episode 7

S1:E8 Reflections

Looking within may reveal many different sides of yourself. In "Reflections" we explore how to manage these sides and become more in tune with them through movement. We find that deep self-reflection will always lead to a brighter tomorrow.

A very special thanks to Gregory Dolbashian and The DASH Ensemble for making this work possible.

Episode 8

S1:E9 RetroFit

Celestial events can have an effect on our emotions and approaches to life. In "RetroFit" we explore the different effects that the recent Mercury Retrograde may have on groups of people. Sensations of self-doubt, frustration and confusion may arise during this cosmological phenomenon. 

Episode 9
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